Technology tools can change mining’s health and safety record

In this report, OSIsoft surveyed and reported back on health and safety in mining today. They wanted to know to what extent an audience from the mining sector felt the environment they work in could be improved and how far along are they to thinking about the next steps.

In total, over 110 respondents from around the world came back with views. The short take on what they told us is in the bulleted list below:

  • 92 per cent of the sample view health and safety as the most important
  • 70 per cent have invested in a safety program
  • 24 per cent believe that over $1 million in savings could be made by improvements
  • The biggest impact of injuries to companies relate to cost and reputation

Read the report “Technology tools can change mining’s Health & Safety record” to learn more about the results of this research.

By automating more and taking advantage of real-time operational data and using pattern detection software to analyze those data sets, levels of risk can be sharply lowered. Augment these new capabilities with improved tracking of human activities, and there is scope to make mining a far safer environment than ever before.

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