The Magneto-EX robot: a new safety device arrives

Sprint Robotics Roadshow in Perth, Western Australia. Image: Chaos Theory for Nexxis

Nexxis has emerged with its new Magneto-EX robot, a dexterous new device that can complete area inspections in spaces where humans shouldn’t go.

With a spider-like frame and magnetic feet, the Magneto-EX is a world-first innovation, purely because of its EX rating – a certification given to devices that can be safely used in hazardous areas.

When examining mining assets for maintenance, the Magneto-EX has the versatility and fundamental mobility enabling it to acquire more extensive and accurate data.

Nexxis managing director Jason De Silveira believes the Magneto-EX can be an important asset for mining operations.

“Does it have applications for mining? Absolutely,” De Silveira said.

“Any heavy industry, if you think about it, whatever they produce has tanks and high-pressure vessels where the safety of the plant is dependant on the asset’s integrity. At some point they shut down and at some point you have to inspect the assets to ensure you can safely continue to operate.

“The Magneto-EX is capable of working in any heavy industry applications, so it certainly fits mining, it certainly fits utility and power generation and those sorts of things.”

Magneto-EX’s limber frame is one of its biggest selling points.

“The biggest difference with this system, every robot that’s used for these types of applications is a wheel-based or track-based system and lack the dexterity and mobility of what Magneto has,” De Silveira said.

“If you can imagine, you’re inside a vessel which is a curved surface and you don’t have a smart on-board processing system that can work in 3D … with machine vision, it knows it’s a 3D environment as opposed to thinking it’s just a flat surface in front of it.

“By having the dexterity, it has the ability to move its arms and legs and know the depth.”

Nexxis expects the Magneto-EX to be operating on certain sites as soon as possible, with full production to be finalised in 2022.

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