Tips to navigate a successful leadership transition

A transition from a technical role to a leadership role requires more energy to be focused on people and strategy instead of implementation and execution, according to culture firm Corporate Edge.

Leaders will be expected to stop doing the technical things they were previously doing and require a different set of behaviours and a different way of thinking to grow into their position.

While this shift can come quite naturally for extroverts, it could be uncomfortable for introverts, Corporate Edge said.

Productivity in leadership is no longer achieved by doing all the work independently, but by spending a day in one-on-ones with the team to empower them to do their work for the week.

“One of the barriers that hold leaders back from focusing on the bigger picture is the feeling that they don’t ‘have the time’ to do so or they’re worried about losing control if they let go,” Corporate Edge said in a statement.

Leaders should restrain themselves on how they are spending their time. Doing all the work may move things along more quickly in the short term but it won’t serve productivity in the long term.

The solution is delegating to people who are looking to grow and progress within the organisation. Team members could produce better work than the quality the leader may be used to with the right training and feedback.

“Transitioning from a technical role to a leadership role is one of the biggest, and most challenging leaps you can make in the workplace,” Corporate Edge said.

“What we should be aiming for as leaders is to focus on our highest and best use — higher-level thinking will ultimately lead to higher-level work that can truly have an impact on the organisation as a whole.”

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