Top six safety boots for mining

The Australian mining industry is constantly evolving to suit the modern workforce. The major decisions are made at the top, but the men and women on the ground are the ones whose choices really matter.

Safety is more than just a sentiment these days, and miners are wanting the right safety boots that feel good and can take the knocks. Proving one’s value includes satisfying legal obligations in the workplace, making safety boots and other workplace-specific equipment in demand.

Being work-ready with the right gear is the best way to ensure employment in the mining industry. Occupationally appropriate footwear should always be worn to reduce the possibility of injury from contact with falling, rolling or cutting objects; penetration from the sole or upper shoe; contact with chemicals, molten metals and heat; and slipping, tripping or falling.

The good news is that meeting the demands of workplace attire is easy with RSEA Safety on one’s side. Choosing the top six safety boots for mining used by the huge Australian workforce isn’t possible for one person, but here are six RSEA safety boots styles for mining and other occupations that might just get one’s style ideas flowing.

1: Lace up work boots

It’s a good feeling when one’s favourite lace up work boots are protective against all harmful environments as well as being comfortable and adjustable. There is no substitute for quality, regardless of profession, and it isn’t unreasonable to expect the best safety boots for mining, construction and agriculture, so the wearer and the rest of the workforce can minimise accidents or harm.

Highly regarded lace up work boots are made by prestigious manufacturers who have a safety-first approach. The boots are manufactured using the best techniques and materials, resulting in long-lasting comfort even while an employee is working hard. The best safety boots for mining are all available at RSEA.

2: Zip-sided work boots

The introduction of zip-sided work boots has been a revelation. These boots are incredibly versatile and extremely tough. RSEA understands that workers require proper ankle support plus unrestricted movement, and the safety boot addition of a strong zip-side makes them easy and fast to put on or take off. Check out great value zip-sided boots for under $200, in casual stone toned leather.

3: Non-slip shoes and boots

It’s true the majority of safety boots for mining are water resistant, but there are lots of occupations associated with the mining industry where slippery surfaces are common. Every mining boom results in new towns being built, and lots of workers come and go (as always), but all mine staff, executives, visitors and outsourced contractors should wear non-slip shoes or boots for additional comfort and safety.

4: Tall safety boots

If someone needs total protection for feet and ankles, tall safety boots are the obvious solution. Anyone working outdoors in mining and forestry will understand the value of tall safety boots for men and women. Tall boots are always appreciated during encounters with snakes and other venomous creatures.

5: Runners

Let’s face it, workers have to take off their mining safety boots sometime, and they will need alternative footwear. With options from Australia’s leading safety workwear retailer, one is spoilt for choice. Safety and non-safety runners are available in various colours and styles at very favourable prices, making it easier than ever to purchase a wide range of footwear from RSEA.

6: Industrial strength medium-cut boots

Its better to have more footwear options than not enough. It makes sense to have several pairs of shoes and boots for work, relaxation and recreation. For starters, people will be more comfortable and their shoes will last longer. Strong, medium-cut boots that cover the ankle yet keep the legs free and flexible are the first choice of footwear for a lot of people in the mining industry.

Quality boots last a long time, making them very good value. If someone is purchasing safety boots or shoes as part of an entire uniform or outfit, he or she should investigate the full range of safety workwear, such as shirts, jeans, shorts and jackets, including flame-resistant, high visibility workwear, available at RSEA stores (and online) Australia-wide.

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