Transport safety bureau investigates Qantas turbulence incident

Image: Qantas

Image: Qantas

Investigations are underway after passengers aboard a Qantas flight heading to Hong Kong experienced turbulence that left 15 people injured.

The incident happened during a flight from Melbourne on April 7, when the Boeing 747 aircraft was nearly an hour outside of Hong Kong.

According to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), the flight crew received a “stick shaker activation” – the stick shaker being a device that warns pilots of the aircraft potentially stalling.

Qantas said the incident was “brief, lasting about two minutes” and the injuries sustained were minor.

An ambulance was also called prior to arrival and one passenger was transferred to hospital as a precaution, before later being released.

The ATSB will interview flight crew and gather additional information as part of its investigation.