Ultra-portable barrier system for increased safety and efficiency

rapid roll 2

SafetyMITS has released an ultra-portable barrier system offering safety, efficiency and reusability.

The innovative Rapid Roll Barrier Storage Cartridge and Rapid Post system is designed for a wide range of industries including mining, building, construction and manufacturing, as well as being ideal for council, emergency and general maintenance workers.

Safe and sturdy, the fully integrated Rapid Roll barrier system quickly creates a clearly defined protective zone that keeps workers and the general public protected.

The barrier system offers fast, trouble-free site securement leading to less set up time and more efficient work time.

Set up and take down of the barrier system can be done safely by one worker in a matter of minutes and the result is a clearly defined zone that prevents entry by those who might want to go under or climb over the barrier.

This provides workers with peace of mind knowing they can safely perform their task in a secure area. This includes overhead workers using cherry pickers or high platforms, with the Rapid Roll barrier system keeping the public safe below their work zone.

And when the job is finished, retracting the barrier system is just as easy as setting up as  the worker simply cranks the handle and the barrier fencing neatly rolls back into the main cartridge.

SafetyMITS director Tony Brooks explained that safety was the company’s number one objective when they were creating the barrier system.

“They create an easily seen visual barrier that is 145cm high, and both sturdy and portable,” Brooks said.

Reflective safety tape is also fitted to both sides of the cartridge and posts, making the system easily visible in low light environments.

Portability is another of the key features of the Rapid Roll barrier system, being easy to carry and worksite-durable.

With 15m of fencing option, the portable barrier system is highly adaptable, and can be used in a straight line, as a full enclosure or two or three sided.

For larger areas, the barrier system can be connected in multiple units while maintaining the fast, simple approach to portability and set up.

Weighing just 12.7kg, the system can be easily carried and assembled. In addition to the standard three-legged system, a wheeled system is also available, capable of carrying four posts and bases for larger applications.

Moulded with tough, resilient MDPE, the barrier system is designed to stand up to all the rigours a worksite and extreme weather conditions can throw at it.

Other key features of the system include its reusability and thoughtful technology involved. Durable and rugged, the system can be used over and over again, making cost per use easily affordable.

The Rapid Roll barrier system is both reliable and better for the environment than some other temporary barrier fencing options.

As it can be used repeatedly, the barrier system is a greener alternative to traditional fencing, which typically requires twist ties or other disposable fasteners in order to secure the fencing.

In addition, traditional fencing often needs to be replaced due to damage in transport.

Designed for ease of use and efficiency, smart features like comfortable carrying handles double as Rapid Links when the unit is in use. And when not in use, Rapid Roll is fully protected and neatly rolled up in the cartridge.