WA FIFO workers allowed to return to SA

Resources workers who are flying from Western Australia back to South Australia are allowed to enter despite facing tightened COVID-19 restrictions.

South Australia has suspended all cross-border travellers from Western Australia since January 31, with the exception of residents and essential travellers from key industries such as mining.

They are, however, subjected to COVID-19 tests on days one, five and 12.

The workers are also required to wear a face mask for the first 14 days, maintain a record of close contacts and self-quarantine when not working.

South Australian workers who are heading to Western Australia are also subjected to similar provisions by the Western Australian Government.

“South Australia has tightened restrictions on travellers arriving to South Australia from Western Australia from 10:15 pm (ACDT) 31 January 2021, due to Western Australia imposing a five-day lockdown in response to a positive COVID-19 result related to a medi-hotel in Perth,” the South Australian Government stated.

“Businesses should continue to monitor news from other jurisdictions and the South Australian transition committee as recent events in Perth have again demonstrated that this is a dynamic environment with new outbreaks an ever present risk.”

Western Australia ended its lockdown across the Perth, Peel and the South-West regions on Friday (February 5), pending no further local cases.

While the South-West region returns to pre-lockdown conditions, Perth and Peel are subject to transitional restrictions until February 14.

South Australia has also reopened its state to cross-border travellers from across New South Wales.

Travellers are no longer required to undergo a 14-day quarantine but only do so upon arrival until a negative day one COVID-19 test result is received.

The same rule applies to New Zealand travellers as the country has been declared a restricted zone.

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