Webinar: Environmental intelligence strategies for dust, air quality, noise, vibration and water quality

Essential strategies to tackle air quality, dust, vibration, noise, and water quality issues at your mining operation.

Environmental management plans at today’s mines that are designed for five years are now becoming irrelevant in less than 12 months.

Today’s plans can’t keep up with constant changes in local community expectations and environmental regulation.

Issues related to dust, air quality, water quality, noise or vibration impacts on open pit mine workers and surrounding communities regularly lead to costly fines and penalties. Operations are often slowed down, expenditure increased and efficiency is reduced in the process.

Strategies focussed on environmental intelligence are now providing environmental managers at mining operations with the ability to make sense of the “information avalanche” while boosting efficiency at their sites.

Speaker bio

Andres Quijano – Solution design engineer

Andres has over 15 years of experience creating integrated hardware and software solutions that assist environmental professionals and site operators to optimise their management plans. Recently, he has played the lead role in implementing Envirosuite’s groundbreaking solution at the Cerrejon mine to provide a proactive environmental management system including solutions for dust, blasting, vibration and groundwater and surface water.

Date and time of the webinar

Wednesday August 5 2020

9:00am AWST (Perth), 11:00am AEST (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane)

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The webinar is free.

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