Breathing easy in enclosed cabins

Typical mining/quarrying /construction operating environments.

Re-occurrence of pneumoconiosis or respiratory disease is not only common in the coal mining industry.

Workplace respiratory disease in a day and age where smoking (particulate >0.5µ) is barred from work and public places, the industry still seems to be ignorant about the extent and ramifications of airborne particulate and fibre exposure of harmful/carcinogenic dust in the workplace.

Numerous news or media releases since late 2015 have reported the re-occurrence of black lung disease in the Australian coal industry and “around 16 per cent of Queensland coal miners alone may have symptoms of miner’s pneumoconiosis, according to the CFMEU”.

What is not known or misunderstood is that pneumoconiosis is prevalent and far more reaching in many other industries where dust ensues in the workplace environment, such as in metalliferous mining, drilling, quarrying, earthmoving, ports (concrete / tyre rubber dust), sandstone cutting, concrete/cement/brick manufacturing, construction, road building, agriculture, timber, tunnelling and many others.

To find out about the seriousness of pneumoconiosis, download the white paper below.

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