Leadership matters in a high-risk workplace

To be an effective leader requires skill, along with continuous learning and development.

No matter if you have been working for years as the general manager of a mine, or if you’ve just graduated to supervisor, it’s always a good time to develop your approach to leadership.

This webinar, hosted by industry expert Kim Nguyen, will provide the tools and strategies needed to be an authentic leader.

This webinar will cover:

  • Why authentic leadership is crucial for any high performing team
  • How to cultivate authentic leadership
  • How to bring your true self to your role as leader—both the good and the bad.

Core Mine Training founder and director Kim Nguyen has over 21 years’ experience in the mining industry, holding senior leadership positions and working as an examiner for the NSW Resources Regulator.

Nguyen has spent nine years in the Coal Competence Unit, writing and marking exams, as well as assessing candidates in their oral exams.

His diverse skills and experience, teamed with his style of engagement and leadership, positions Nguyen to enable excellence for current and future mining leaders.

As Pegasus head of mining services, John Furner has over 40 years of experience within the Australian mining industry.

Furner has worked across several mining companies as general manager for Muswellbrook Coal, SubZero Group and BFG Daracon before joining the team at Pegasus.

Furner’s in-depth knowledge of legislation that impacts the industry allows for key insights into how Pegasus workforce management products can support best business practices for mining clients.

Take a listen and develop leadership skills with advice from an industry expert.

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