OnGuard real-time air quality monitoring and control

When it comes to providing a safe working environment, BreatheSafe believes zero exposure to dust is the only way to ensure zero harm.

BreatheSafe patented technology has helped it become an industry leader by designing custom air quality solutions for mining, earthmoving, quarrying, and construction worldwide.

World-first real-time monitoring and control of the pressuriser in relation to airborne particulate as well as pressure and CO2.

The safety of those working in mining, construction and industrial environments is important to anyone operating in the industry.

Many mining and construction operations generate large volumes of airborne particulate that is often invisible to the naked eye.

Exposure to such particulate can have long-term health consequences. ISO23875 addresses this risk by recommending the pressurization of operator enclosures with HEPA filtered air, and the monitoring of CO2 and particulate concentrations within the enclosure.

To read more, download the whitepaper below.

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