Reduce occupational exposure in operator enclosures: ISO 23875 performance requirements

ISO 23875, published in February 2021, is the first and only international operator enclosure air quality standard.

Implementing the standard supports improved machine operator air quality and reduces occupational exposure to harmful respirable particulate.

ISO 23875 is an international standard that creates a consistent approach to designing, testing, operating, and maintaining operator enclosures with respect to air quality in the mining industry.

Adoption of the standard protects personnel inside operator enclosures from harmful respirable particulates, through:

  • Maintaining safe levels of CO2
  • Conducting routine performance testing of air quality control systems to maintain compliance, including testing cab pressure, operating CO2 concentration, and fresh and recirculation filtration effectiveness
  • Performing preventative maintenance throughout the lifecycle of the cab

Implementing the standard reduces occupational exposure to harmful respirable particulate.

Download the whitepaper below to learn about ISO 23875 and how your organisation can meet the standard’s performance requirements.

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