RESPA and QCABAIR technology for enclosed cabins

Statistics and reports have revealed that respirable disease and other debilitating health effects are on the rise due to workplace exposure to airborne particulate and fibre.

LSM detailed this in its recent technical white paper – Breathing Easy – Airborne Particulate/Fibre Exposure of Enclosed Cabins of Mobile and Fixed Plant.

It is not only related to workers in open environments but also operators in enclosed cabins of fixed and mobile plant.

There is a common misconception that enclosed cabins of fixed and mobile plant provide protection against workers exposure to harmful airborne particulate and fibre.

However, extensive studies have proven that in fact allowable personal exposure limits (PEL) inside a cabin can be far in excess than the external operating environment.

RESPA and Q-CABAIR technology is the only known cabin pressuriser/filtration technology field tested and certified compliant to current occupational health and safety (OH&S) exposure limits.

To learn more about how LSM’s RESPA and Q-CABAIR technologies allow enclosed mobile plant operators to keep breathing easy, download the white paper below.

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