Slide Sledge makes jobs safer, faster, easier

Slide Sledge is dedicated to bringing safety and efficiency to the workplace. Its revolutionary hammers utilise patented sliding technology that gives users a single-user hammer for jobs traditionally performed by two people.

The linear motion of Slide Sledge focusses power for precision impact without worry of dangerous sledgehammer misses and glancing blows.

Providing the safest hammers on the planet, the Slide Sledge team is dedicated to increasing safety while decreasing hazards in the workplace associated with traditional sledgehammers and slap-hammers.

With the power and accuracy of Slide Sledge, driving pins and other tough maintenance jobs are safer, faster and easier.

Slide Sledge has three different categories of hammers: the yellow multi-head hammers, the blue pull hammer and the red precision hammer.

The powerful Slide Sledge multi-head hammer reduces dangerous, time-consuming hammering jobs to a one-tool, one-person operation. It replaces the need for a traditional sledgehammer.

When used properly, the multi-head hammer eliminates the risk of glancing blows, miss-swings, and flying metal while delivering a precise blow on impact surface.

Slide Sledge gives a breakdown on its website of various uses for each of these hammers, giving users a better idea of which hammer is right for them.

To learn more, download the white paper below.