Why and how Challenger brands will gain market share in 2021

B2B marketers should look to a Challenger mindset to support a winning marketing strategy

At the peak of the COVID-19 crisis, we at Prime Creative Media saw most businesses choose one of two approaches to the pandemic.

One was Survival mode, where companies cut all their marketing and investment, hoping to simply survive. The second was Challenger mode, where companies increased their marketing, looking to grow their company and their people.

Looking ahead to 2021, it’s pretty clear who is now in the better position to gain market share. Those companies who hoped to stay idle are now fighting to regain the hearts and minds of their clients. Meanwhile, Challenger brands are well set up to grow in the year ahead.

As part of our ongoing Engine Room series, we offer this complimentary resource, with tips on how to adopt a Challenger mindset in your B2B marketing campaign.

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