Worker injured during transit at NSW mine

A mine worker at Appin Colliery in New South Wales was injured last month when the transport vehicle he was in drove into a cut-through and collided with a piece of stowed equipment.

According to a report from the NSW Resources Regulator, the worker sustained a serious laceration and crush injury to his upper left arm.

At the time of the incident, Endeavour Coal was the mine holder for the Appin Colliery, which encompasses the Appin North Mine.

The report stated the worker was travelling as a passenger in a personnel transporter on his way to inspect and maintain a water pump.

The vehicle was driven by a contractor who was assisting with the maintenance work.

“The worker was transported to hospital by ambulance, under police escort,” the report stated.

“The worker has undergone extensive surgery. The injuries to his arm are severe and it is unknown at this stage whether he will make a full recovery.

“Upon receiving the incident notification, mine safety inspectors were deployed to site and commenced a preliminary assessment that included the assessment of the incident scene and equipment involved.

“On 24 May 2021 a decision was made to commence a major investigation into the cause and circumstances of the incident.”

Following preliminary enquiries, the Regulator advised that a number of recommendations be made.

“Mine operators are expected to ensure that all workers are trained and competent in all aspects of the mine’s safety management system where appropriate for the job task,” the report stated.

“Mine operators are expected to ensure foreseeable hazards and risks are mitigated through a sound risk assessment process.

“Mine operators are expected to ensure that rules are in place for stowage and demarcation of materials and equipment, and minimum clearances are specified around mobile equipment in all circumstances.

“Equipment design must include a thorough evaluation to ensure the safety of all drivers and passengers.”

The investigation is continuing to determine the factors involved in the incident.

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