X marks the spot for DYNA conveyor guards

DYNA Engineering is revolutionising conveyor safety with its high density polyethylene (HDPE) conveyor guards.

The new guards are lighter, easier and quicker to move, rust and corrosion free, chemical resistant and don’t require painting, unlike conventional steel guards, making them a safer and more cost-effective alternative to their steel counterparts.

DYNA has implemented a unique X shaped design, increasing the guard’s strength up to 60 per cent more than standard guards, well above the minimum Australian standard.

Conveyor systems are considered as one of a mine site’s highest risk areas, so reducing time spent around them is a huge win for workers.

Installing and removing HDPE guards takes only minutes, reducing the amount of time spent around the conveyor and reducing the risk of accidents occurring during maintenance.

They also weigh up to 40 per cent lighter than steel guards, which usually weigh at least 12 kilograms each, fitting well within the guidelines for workers not to lift items more than 15 kilograms.

DYNA engineering general manager Thomas Greaves said the new guards had already had positive feedback from customers, which was pleasing after the time and effort the company spent developing them.

“We’re great believers in engineering improvements emanating directly from those using it first-hand,” Greaves said.

“This product isn’t something that was built overnight, it’s something we’ve been putting together over a number of years.

“We’re hugely focussed on safety and cost reductions when it comes to new product development and innovations.

“This superior HDPE material, coupled with our X design for stronger and safer mesh ticks both boxes beautifully.”

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