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The Glove Company Xtra Grip gives the customer additional safety of a better grip.

Xtra Grip gives the customer additional safety of a better grip.

Going the extra mile runs through The Glove Company’s veins, so when customers were asking for a nitrile glove with greater grip, the company delivered.

The Glove Company is the go-to place for all things gloves. It is known for making the toughest gloves in the business, because when the focus is on one thing, the processes and the products are refined until it’s perfect.

Specialising in nitrile disposable gloves, the safer alternative to latex, the company has the technology down pat and is constantly evolving as a brand to bring new innovations to its customers and the industry.

The newest products on the Glove Company’s shelves are the Xtra Grip Nitrile Disposable Gloves in its signature black rocket or orange rocket colours.

Xtra Grip Nitrile Disposable Gloves feature extra technology-enhanced texture made up of grooves and ridges that create a rough and grippy surface area on the gloves. 

The Glove Company national sales director Ben Kessey told Safe
the Xtra Grip Nitrile Disposable Gloves are an extension of its industrial disposable glove range.

“It’s really the Glove Company flexing its muscle in that space where we’re known as the kingpins in industrial nitrile, and we’re just building on that. This Xtra Grip product, in particular, was something the market had been asking for,” Kessey said.

“It’s a high-performance disposable nitrile glove. On the palm and fingers we’ve been able to create a surface finish on the exterior that’s essentially a ripple effect., which means if anyone is handling greasy, oily or wet parts it gives them more grip.”

This brand-new technology utilises a surface treatment that is applied to the gloves that creates the extreme ridges and grooves on the outside of the disposable glove, which is done in the manufacturing process. 

“A number of organisations had tried to do it. But in doing so they were able to make a grippy glove, but they compromised on the quality of the product and the glove wouldn’t last as long, allowing chemicals and solvents to get in quicker,” Kessey said.

“Our manufacturing process figured out a way to make that rough exterior without stretching the glove too much that the quality was compromised.”

The incredibly grippy Black Rocket Xtra Grip Nitrile Disposable Gloves and Orange Rocket Xtra Grip Nitrile Disposable Gloves are suited for use across the mining, coatings, automotive, industrial and building sectors.

“On mine sites, our gloves are often used for washing parts down, removing modules from machinery and engines, moving them around and pulling them apart. In that process, from an automotive perspective, there’s a lot of oil, grease and solvents making things slippery,” Kessey said.

“What the Xtra Grip product allows them to do – when they’re unscrewing things, removing nuts and bolts, pulling things, carrying things – is it gives them additional safety of a better grip.”

The Glove Company brought Hi-Vis Orange nitrile disposable gloves to Australia.
The Glove Company brought Hi-Vis Orange nitrile disposable gloves to Australia.

Nitrile disposable gloves can be used in just about any industry, with almost zero allergy issues compared to its latex counterpart for about the same cost.

The Glove Company has only ever designed and manufactured unique, high-quality gloves, and it’s all the company will ever do. 

“The real achievement with our Xtra Grip gloves is being able to add this extra feature onto our range but not compromise on that chemical and puncture resistance, which we’re known for,” Kessey said.

Black nitrile gloves are the company’s original product and are synonymous with being tough and unbreakable. The Black Rocket Xtra Grip Nitrile Disposable Gloves are no different and will give customers peace of mind knowing they are safe and protected, all the while benefitting from the new technology.

True to its innovative ways, the Glove Company also brought the first Hi-Vis Orange nitrile disposable glove to the country.

The company has recently seen very strong growth for its orange nitrile products in Australia, where Hi-Vis Orange is often used in the safety industry to indicate hazards. 

If a person is wearing Hi-Vis Orange clothing or personal protective equipment (PPE), they will generally become more visible and stand out. 

The Orange Rocket Xtra Grip Nitrile Disposable Gloves form a key part of worker PPE, especially in the high-risk environment of a mine site.

“Orange nitrile gloves are great because safety managers can tell if their teams are wearing gloves when they’re meant to,” Kessey said. “Also, when working on expensive machinery they’re not going to leave a glove in there.

“And that’s one of the main reasons why people like the orange gloves; they can find them.”

Whether opting for the TGC Black Rocket Xtra Grip Nitrile Disposable Gloves or the TGC Orange Rocket Xtra Grip Nitrile Disposable Gloves, one thing is for certain – they are the toughest in the industry. 

This article also appears in the March edition of Safe to Work.

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